Live Streaming the Service

Live Streaming provides you with the opportunity to broadcast your loved one's funeral live to those who can not make it. Anywhere in the world.

Live Video Streaming (Terracehaven Chapel)

At almost every funeral, one or more people, for various reasons, are unable to attend the funeral of someone they love or whom they are close to. This can be very distressing and can effect the grieving process of those people. Live streaming provides you with the opportunity to broadcast your loved one's funeral live - anywhere in the world.

We have the delicate task of supporting grieving families, while organizing a streamlined service that respectfully honours their loved ones. This challenging job, however, has grown even more difficult amidst a global pandemic that’s limited safe travel and constrained in-person gatherings. By equipping your chapel with OneRoom technology, we can help mourners - whether physically or digitally present - experience a meaningful, healing funeral service.

Funeral streaming enables family and friends who cannot attend a funeral or memorial service to view the funeral LIVE! They are able to participate in viewing of a funeral or memorial service at anytime, anywhere - around the country or around the world - over the internet, in a safe, secure location, and in privacy.

There are two camera's installed into the Terracehaven Chapel giving the person viewing the live stream to choose which camera they would like to watch from and can be changed throughout the service.

At the conclusion of the service the live stream will become available to view for the next 90 days, it can also be donwloaded to your computer.

If you wish to view the livestream, please email and we will set up a link (we need your email at least one hour before the service start time). Not all services are public, so permission from family would need to be granted so we can give access to the livestream.

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