When Someone Dies

When a loved one passes, there are choices to be made, we offer personalised service to guide you through the steps of this difficult time.

When a loved one passes, there are choices to be made, will they be buried or cremated, will the service be public or private, where will the service be held?

In most cases, the doctor needs to be informed of the death first, depending on the circumstances surrounding the death.

If the Death was Expected

The family or the institutional staff should in the first instance contact the GP or Doctor who is in charge of the person's well being to make certain they are prepared to complete the medical causes of death certification. When this has been done, a call is made to us and we will make arrangements to bring the person into our care. We make arrangements to meet with the family at a suitable time to discuss everything related to the funeral service.

If the Death was Unexpected

Death can come in many shapes and forms, tragically, suddenly, or unexpectedly. If death takes a person in this way, due to an accident or other unexpected situation, usually other services will be involved, eg, St John, Fire Service, and the Police and they sometimes inform the coroner. Usually a post-mortem is ordered and a slight delay can occur before we can have the person into our care.

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