Financial Arrangements & Fees

We will offer choices to keep the costs manageable

The person making the funeral arrangements is responsible for the expenses incurred, however when there is a solicitor handling the estate for the family, the funeral account can be forwarded directly to that solicitor, who in turn will liaise with the family and make arrangements to pay the account.

We understand the circumstances that many families find themselves in over the payment of the funeral account. If you have concerns regarding payment of the funeral expenses it is important that you discuss these concerns with us as early as possible, as we will offer choices to keep the costs manageable.

Work and Income NZ Benefits

In some situations, depending on the circumstances you may be eligible for a grant from W.I.N.Z. toward the funeral expenses. Application forms are available from the nearest W.I.N.Z. Office or from us. The funeral grant is income and asset tested. This grant is approximately $2030.91.


ACC will contribute towards the funeral expenses if the death was caused by an accident. Your Funeral Director will make an application for you and advise on any other benefits that could be available to you.

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